This is not a Bridal Show.. This is Bridal Wars!

Bridal Wars San Diego

Bridal Wars will be at the Catamaran Resort on April 30th starting at 11:00am

What is Bridal Wars?

Teams of 3-5 girls (typically made up of 1 Bride and 2 girlfriends)
come to our event to participate in challenges hosted by the attending
vendors! The teams arrive dressed in their DIY team attire ready to have

How Does It Work?

The teams register in advance to join us, they check in at the event and
after a welcome announcement from The Bridal Wars team, the fun
begins! The teams will have 3 hours to go station to station and
complete any challenges they would like to do!

We have taken the typical Bridal Show and turned it into the Coolest Bridal
Event Competition Ever!

Attending Businesses set up spaces (as you would at any other event) but
at Bridal Wars, instead of just handing out your business cards you
interact with the teams, show off your personality and laugh a ton by hosting an interactive Bridal Wars Challenge! Bridal Wars will assign each vendor one of our custom challenges to host!


Our custom challenge list is packed full of FUN! We make sure each challenge fits the business that is hosting it!


Sponsor a challenge for $500

What we will do for you:

At Check In, our teams will get a list of all of the challenges happening that day and the vendor who is hosting that challenge. We will also announce this at the start of the event.  FOLLOWING the event, we will email all of the attendees the list of vendors who were at the event, the challenges they hosted and their contact info!

Each participating business will get the lead list following the event.
** At the event, all vendors will get a score sheet with the teams listed on the score sheet so you can keep score of your challenge.

Check out what some of our vendors have to say about Bridal Wars!

“Bridal Wars is a fantastic and fun event with a unique opportunity to
interact with the brides-to-be and their supporting teams. I loved this event
as I was able to really connect with the participants and even booked a
client at the event!”  Katherine at YTK Photography

“Bridal Wars is literally the best experience a vendor can be a part of. It’s a
different way to interact with brides and their bridal party! I’m honored to be
a part of it” Sophia





Important Info- Please Read:

Set up: Your space will be set up with a 6ft table. Please bring your own linen to the event with you.  You may arrive 1.5 hours prior to the event for set up. We ask that you are set up and ready to go 30 minutes prior to event start time

Challenge Info- We will email you challenge info as soon as you have completed this registration form.

Bridal Wars is a fun, interactive event- one giant party!  Please feel free to dress down at this event! Jeans, sneakers, t-shirts are welcome!

When you arrive to the event we will give you a team score sheet and go over with you how it works. You will be working with one team at a time and keep score of your own challenge. Please bring a device with you to time your challenge if need be (ipad, phone, etc)

 Complimentary Team to Give Away! All of our attending vendors have 1 free team you can give away to client, bride to be you are trying to book, etc.  Please email us the name of the bride and her email address so we can email her all of the event details.

Please note all vendor payments are final as we only allow a certain number of vendors at our event and once you register we close that spot.

Spreading the word! Once we receive this completed registration, we will send you approved photos to share socially!  Please add our website to your social posts,

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Fill out my online form.