We all know planning a wedding can be a bit stressful! So if you are thinking about a Destination Wedding you have to check out our friends at Ask Me!


Highlighted here is just one of the many properties Ask Me works with!  Check out Graham’s Place in the Bay Islands of Honduras

Simple, intimate, and relaxing, Graham’s Place offers tranquility to all who visit. Guests have the option of staying in hotel rooms, the pink house, and the bungalows. All are located along the clean, sandy beach shore and you can step out of bed and directly into the serenity of the area. Tropical foliage surrounds the resort and adds to the Caribbean essence that many travel to experience. In the resort, you can observe the diversity of the sea creatures that live there; nurse sharks, barracudas, puffer fish, grouper, conch, lobster, and a variety of sea turtles can be seen—sometimes you will catch turtles laying their eggs in the turtle crawl! Convenient bars and restaurants are readily available to guests and can be found by following the stone pathways that begin at the dock.


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