What will you wear to Bridal Wars?!

Get your Team Attire ready!  We’ve seen it all.. from tutus to matching tee’s, jerseys, sunglasses, socks and more! Make it as crazy or as simple as you want! It’s all about having fun!!

We can’t get enough of these guys!  Their pins are insane, not to mention their Instagram Page is on point!  What a cute accessories these would be to your team attire! Get your customized pins from our friends at Let’s Wear Dresses today!

Our friends over at The Green Bridal Boutique custom creates sunglasses for your Teams!

Grab your custom shades today and tell her Bridal Wars sent ya!


We are pretty obsessed with how great a fit Bachette is for some killer Team Attire at Bridal Wars!! They have some great shirts,tanks and accessories.. and we bet if you ask nicely, they will custom make anything you want!!

Who doesn’t want that?!

Totes, Tanks, Tee’s and more!  Not only do they have a great business name ( Who Doesn’t Want That) but their products are super cute!

On the hunt for some great Socks?  Check out Arthur George– Bride, Maid of Honor and Brides Maid Socks!

We love them!

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