We had a record attendance at our Boston event and it was SO MUCH FUN!

Team Name: Hail to the Veil

Team Attire: Walk of Shame

Lip Sync: Walk of Shame

Strike a Pose: Sheca’s Angels

Last Maid Standing: Becca Miller Team .6 seconds

Wedding Bells: Angie’s Banshees 1 minute 14 seconds

Tug of War: 4 The Love of Jusme 4 seconds

Bouquet Toss: Hot Mess Express 7 catches

Glamping: Suddenly Sweeny 1 minute 6 seconds

Pong Challenge: Becca Miller Team 56 seconds

Bachelorette Pictionary: Bling Slayers 15 seconds

Wedding Budget: Bling Slayers 46.59 seconds

Wedding Jeopardy: Maidens of Megan 1300 points

Cake Topper: Cowboy Up 21.89 seconds

Pack your Bags: Brittany Reitze 32.67 seconds

Toilet Paper Lingerie: Show White and her Bitches

Runaway Bride: Team Prenump 11.58 seconds

Veiled Threats: For the love of Jusme

#1 Bride: Bitch Squad 20.76 seconds

Balloon Pop: Raising Hell Before the Wedding Vows 1:02 minutes

Orange Theory Workout: For the love of Jusme 4:14

Orange Theory Workout: Bye By Borges 2:22

Flip Cup: Bridin Dirty 19.3 seconds




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