Are you looking for something different? Do you want to connect with Brides in a whole new way?  This is not a Bridal Show.. this is Bridal Wars

Bridal Wars will be in New Jersey on Sunday December 2nd! The event will be at The Fields Sports Complex – located at 8 Cornwall Ct. East Brunswick, NJ 08816. The event will begin at 10:00 am ( and end approximately 2:00pm) Check In opens at 10:00am


What is Bridal Wars?

Bridal Wars is a team competition event. We have taken the traditional Bridal Show and turned it up a notch creating an interactive, fun experience!  Brides create teams with their bridal party, friends, family and mom’s!  They come to Bridal Wars to have a FUN wedding experience with their Squads!  This is all about celebrating their wedding in a fun way! You will see them dressed up in Team Attire, with creative Team Names and often times a group of 4 to 10 girls with them!

We have created an event that gives YOU the DJ, Photographer, Transportation Company, Bridal Shop (wedding pros..) an environment for you to show off your business with the attending Brides and their friends! HAVE FUN with them! Show them your personality, incorporate your business into the competition! They want to meet YOU, have fun with you and in the end… they will have a much better idea of what it means to hire you for their weddings!

How Does It Work?

The teams register in advance to join us on our website.  The event will start with an hour Pre-Party where the girls will mix and mingle with the vendors, grab a drink, some food and get ready for some FUN! This Pre-Party is all about meeting the vendors!

Bridal Wars begins!  Teams will compete in 25 Challenges! After the challenges are complete, we will collect the score sheets from each challenge and announce the winning teams and hand out prizes!  ( this part can take 2 to 3 hours ) more specific details will be given to you the week of the event.

We have taken the typical Bridal Show and turned it into ..The Coolest Bridal Competition Ever!

Attending Businesses set up a table to show off your business during our Pre-Party!  Bring your photos, display items, anything you want!  During the event each vendor will also host a Challenge that the teams will compete in!


$295 vendor fee includes table at the event, Bridal Wars hosted challenge ( BW staff to assign after registration is complete) and lead list emailed to you after the event

(each vendor will need to bring their own linen to the event with them


Check out what some of our vendors have to say about Bridal Wars!

“Bridal Wars is a fantastic and fun event with a unique opportunity to
interact with the brides-to-be and their supporting teams. I loved this event
as I was able to really connect with the participants and even booked a
client at the event!”  Katherine at YTK Photography

“Bridal Wars is literally the best experience a vendor can be a part of. It’s a

Are you ready to

Meet Brides at Bridal Wars?!

Important Info- Please Read:

Set up:    You may arrive 1.5 hours prior to the event for set up. We ask that you are set up and ready to go at 12:00 noon as that is when the teams will start to check in

Challenge Info- We will email you challenge info as soon as you have completed this registration form.

Bridal Wars is a fun, interactive event- one giant party!  Please feel free to dress down at this event! Jeans, sneakers, t-shirts are welcome!

When you arrive to the event we will give you a team score sheet and go over with you how it works. You will be working with one team at a time and keep score of your own challenge. Please bring a device with you to time your challenge if need be (ipad, phone, etc)

 Complimentary Team to Give Away! All of our attending vendors have 1 free team you can give away to client, bride to be you are trying to book, etc.  Please email us the name of the bride and her email address so we can email her all of the event details.

Please note all vendor payments are final as we only allow a certain number of vendors at our event and once you register we close that spot.

Spreading the word! Once we receive this completed registration, we will send you approved photos to share socially!  Please add our website to your social posts,

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