Bridal Wars 

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It’s Your Squad vs Their Squad. Who will win the Battle?! These are the challenges you will see at Bridal Wars! Bridal Wars features two areas packed full of challenges and fun! Our War Zone is filled with our active challenges, and the After Party is all about FUN with party games, a selfie station, contests, photos and more!

War Zone

Last Maid Standing

Team membes will get into our Bubble Balls to knock down members of the other team. The fastest knockdown of the day wins. Will you be the last maid standing? If you have any guys on your team, they will need to sit this challenge out.

Bouquet Toss

This is not your wedding day bouquet toss! We’ve turned this into a team vs team challenge where one team plays offense with their bride tossing the bouquets (while jumping on a trampoline) and team members trying to catch as many as possible in the time allowed. The other team will be playing defense to knock those tosses down! 


Dodgeball with yoga balls. This team vs team challenge will determine who is the fastest team to knock the others out of a game of dodgeball.

Taste the Cake

Cake eating in a relay race style format (think flip cup, but eating cake instead) Face off against another team to see which team can eat all of their cake in the fastest time.

Race to the Altar

Race to the Altar is our new obstacle course race! Team vs team, who can get through the course in the quickest time of the day.

Tug of War

Team vs team tug of war. Equal number of girls on each side of the rope. Fastest time of the day wins! If you have any guys on your team, they will need to sit this challenge out. 

#1 Bride

 #1 Bride is a relay race team vs team grabbing the BRIDE letters to spell out the word bride as fast as possible.

Fit Bride

One of our new challenges in 2020! Fit Bride is a team tire flip to the finish line! Fastest time of the day wins. If you have any guys on your team, they will need to sit this challenge out. 

After Party

Balloon Pop

Probably our FUNNIEST game. Laugh with your bridal party by attempting to pop a balloon against your teammate.

Mug Shot

Show your naughty side in our mug shot area. Take a photo to remember with your bridal party and remember the fun you had at Bridal Wars.

Lip Sync

Select your favorite tune and go to town “singing” and dancing and getting down. Start thinking of your song now!

Party Games

Along with our main events in the after party area, there are other fun party games. These vary event to event.

Food and Drink

Refresh after a full day of challenges with food and drink in our after party area. Take a break and get to know everyone in the bridal party.


The best wedding vendors will be on hand to answer any questions you have at the event. Stop by and say hello.

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