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It’s Your Squad vs Their Squad… who will win the Battle?!

These are the challenges you will see at 2018 Bridal Wars Events!



Who doesn’t love to taste some cake?! While you’re at it, lets turn it into a relay race with your team for time!

Last Maid Standing is a favorite for sure! A member of your team gets into one of the bubble balls against another team. They will run at each other as fast as they can trying to knock the other one down first! The fastest knockdown of the day wins!

You and your girls will Lip Sync with a local DJ to whatever song you’d like! The DJ will choose the best performance of the day of win this challenge!

We took flag football and turned it into a challenge! During this challenge you will try to not get those veiled flags ripped off while racing through this course!

The Balloon Pop is by far one of the funniest challenges at Bridal Wars! This team race will have one girl blow up a balloon, race down and wait for her team member to come pop it! Round 2 begins with the next team member racing down to pop another balloon and time ends when 3 balloons have been popped! Fastest time of the day wins!

Inflatable Engagement Rings?! Why yes, we’ll use those in our version of a ring toss. Earn the most points and you will win this challenge!

How fast can your team set the table for your wedding? Let’s see it! This team race will involve setting a table for time, with the fastest time of the day winning this challenge!

Are you the #1 Bride at Bridal Wars?! This race with your team grabbing the letters BRIDE for time will find out!

It’s time to put those shot skills to test! (and no sorry, we can’t give you actual alcohol in your shot cups) but we can time you to see how fast your team can throw them back!

We took Bachelorette Pictionary and teamed it up with Speak Out! One lucky team member will wear the Speak Out mouth piece and guess what her team is drawing in bachelorette pictionary! You better be quick so you can take home the win in this challenge!

It’s your team vs their team.. evenly matched, fastest tug of war of the day will win! Will it be you?!

How well can your team put up a tent?  We will find out in our Glamping Challenge at Bridal Wars! But first.. you’re gonna have to dress up the bride in some toilet paper lingerie (tp provided of course:)

We thought.. why not a good ole game of kickball! Let’s see what you’ve got! How well can your team score in one round against another team?!

We combined Wedding Jeopardy and everyone’s favorite pong game into a challenge! Answer correctly in jeopardy and earn your pong tosses!

Everyone’s favorite party game! Your team will race another team in flip cup ( and no.. sorry there isn’t any beer in these cups)

This is one of our favorite challenges! It’s not your ordinary bouquet toss!  A bride will toss to her team members while another competing team plays defense. With limited time on the clock you’ll want to get in as many catches as you can! Once you are done tossing.. you get to play defense against the other team! This one can get a little crazy…

It’s exactly what it looks like! Your team will push a limo! Don’t worry, its not too long of a distance and it’s actually easier to do than it looks 🙂 But it does look pretty darn cool! Get your teams ready!

Grab some props and have some fun in a photobooth striking a pose with your team! Best team photo of the day will win this challenge!

You’ve got to pack the bags for the bachelorette party! We threw in some items we are sure you’ll need (LOL) Pack the bags as fast as you can.

Lace up those shoes..this is a straight up race! Slap on the veils, while your team races another team for time.  Fastest time of the day wins!

With some help from your friends, we are going to blindfold one of your team members while she builds a cake. You can only help her out by telling her what to do!

This 3 part challenge will have your team unscrambling words, putting together a puzzle and ending with the ringing of the bell

So your bach party got a little too crazy… and you ended up taking a team mug shot! The best mug shot of the day will win this challenge

Our favorite part of the event is checking out all of the crazy outfits your team is wearing! Show them off and let’s see who has the best!  ( crazy outfits not required .. it’s all about having fun with your friends so grab your tutus or just some matching shirts.. it’s all up to you!)

This Challenge is sponsored by our friends at PhotoButler

All challenges are optional at Bridal Wars! See something you don’t want to do, then no worries! Just watch the other teams and cheer them on!