Bridal Wars Columbus

Are you Ready for Battle?!?  Grab your friends and meet us on the field for The Coolest Bridal Competition Ever! Your bride squad vs their bride squad … who will win the battle?!

We are giving away $500 CASH in Columbus! $250 to a Bride and $250 to a Team!

Bridal Wars will be in Columbus Ohio on Sunday October 7th at 11:00am at the Iron Gate Equestrian Center



Register yourself for Bridal Wars (each person registers individually)

Be one of the first 50 Brides to register and come for $10 a Bride! Once we reach our 50 brides, all other Brides will register at the $20 per person rate (one Bride per team)

We are giving away $500 CASH in Columbus! $250 to a Bride and $250 to a Team!

$20 per person for all team members (bridesmaids, friends, family, mothers and whoever else you want on your team!) Teams can be as large as you want!

YOU CAN register the day of the event for $25 per person (cash only please)

ONLINE registration closes on October 2nd at 8:00pm EST



Tell your friends!  You’re gonna need at least one more person on your team! Teams need to have at least 2 people on them and can be as large as you want!



 Get ready for Battle!  Looking for team attire ideas, check out our Gear Page!  You can wear whatever you want! ( we just suggested sneakers and workout attire)

How does it work?  Check in, grab a drink get some food and mingle with the local wedding vendors.  Then.. the battle begins! We give a welcome announcement and then set the clock for the battle! 2.5 to 3 hours to compete in all sorts of different challenges!  ( check out some of our challenges here) When the buzzer goes off that’s the end! We will collect score sheets from all of the challenges and announce winners and hand out prizes!  Our event ends with one final challenges… Winner Takes All! One bouquet toss with all the Brides.. winner takes home a bunch of cool prizes!

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Snag your Gear!

Head on over to our Gear Page and grab one of our T-shirts, Tanks or Hats!

What Can You Win?

Every Challenge at Bridal Wars has a prize to be won!  Each prize will be $50 Cash/Visa Gift Card, A Bach Weekend Gift Certificate for the Bride valued at $200 a Bridal Wars Tote bag and Bridal Buddy Coupon! Total package valued at $300

Additional Prizes given out for Best Team Attire, Specialty Prizes and Winner Takes All

Competition Info:

Check out our Challenge page to see the different challenges teams compete in at our events


  1. Every challenge at Bridal Wars has a prize to be won! Yup, you work for it- you will win it!
  2. Get your friends registered!– remember you need at least 2 people (total) on a team, but can have as many as you want!
  3. All Challenges are Optional!  We have a variety of challenges to participate in- and its all about having fun! If you want to crush someone in the Bubble Soccer Balls, have at it! Not up for that, no worries you can just watch 🙂
  4. Our challenges are a combination of physical and non-physical challenges- we try to make sure we have a good mix of fun stuff! While we post photos of relay races and workouts- some of our other challenges  are not workout related at all!  From trivia, to table setting, toilet paper gowns, break dancing and so much more!
  5. Friends and family are welcome to come watch and cheer you on! ($5 per person, cash only day of event) Please, no children under the age of 10. This is a busy event and its very difficult when children are running around in between challenges, we do not want anyone getting hurt!
  6. All participants must be 18 or older
  7. Please note all of our team registrations are final
Fill out my online form.