This was our first event in Colorado- we had no idea how CRAZY the teams would be!  We had such a great time at our first Denver event, we will absolutely be back in 2019!  Check out the winners in Denver

Team Name – Lip Smachers

Team Attire– Tutu in Tuxedos

Winner Takes All- Found my Waldo

Photo Butler – Jenni on the Block

Tug of War – Mati Brawlers

Last Maid Standing – Team Bouje

Mug Shot Challenge– Tutus and Tuxedos

Wedding Jeopardy Pong – BWA 21 points

Pure Romance Balloon Pop – Jenni on the Block 1min 30 secs

Set The Table – BWA 35.63 secs

Bouquet Toss- Tutus and Tuxedos 12 points

Wedding Bell Scramble – Party OD 48.06 secs

#1 Bride Cake Topper – BWA 41.66 secs

Speak Out Movie Quotes – Mean Brides 20 points

Toilet Paper Lingerie – Party PD

Lip Sync Battle – Tutus and Tuxedos song Bohemian Rhapsody

Pack your Bags – Found my Waldo 25 secs

Strike a Pose – #HeretoF***S***UP

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