Bridal Wars 

Frequently asked questions

What should we wear? We recommend sneakers and workout attire! Team attire can be anything you want, so feel free to get festive with it!

How long does the event take? Plan for 4 hours total (one hour prior to the event start when check-in opens and then 3 hours for the event).

What can you win? Every competition at Bridal Wars will have a winner! Winners will receive bragging rights and awesome prizes like Bridal Wars swag.

Who can be on my team? Anyone you want, but we recommend having at least 4 team members! Your team can include your bridesmaids, friends, family members, your mom, your future mother-in-law, your grandma, cousins… really anyone! Guys are also welcome to join your team and are welcome to compete with you (we just ask that they sit out for some of the physical challenges so it’s fair for the other teams competing).

Is there an age requirement for team members? Yes, all participants must be over 16 years of age.

How do we form our teams? How do my team members note whose team they are on? Everyone on your team will register individually for the event. There is one bride allowed per team and she should register as the BRIDE. Team members will register under the TEAM MEMBER option. When you get to the event, you will all check in individually and form your team then.

Are my friends and family allowed to watch during the event? Friends and family are welcome to come watch and cheer you on! Tickets for spectators are $5 per person in cash at check-in. We do ask that no children under the age of 16 attend. This is in an effort to keep everyone safe! We can’t have kids near some of the physical challenges.

What if one of my friends is pregnant? Congrats to her! But… sorry she cannot be on your team as a competitor. She is welcome to pay the $5 admission fee and come watch and cheer you on. (Don’t worry, she can walk around the event with you!)

If one of my team member can no longer attend, can I give her spot to someone else? Yes, you can! Please email us at We will need to know the city you registered for, the name of the person who registered already, and the name of the new person who will be registering.

Can I bring in lawn chairs? Please do not bring in any outside seating, lawn chairs, etc. This is an active event and your spectators can walk around the event with you. We do not have an area that is assigned for lawn chair seating.

What if it rains? Our event is on rain or shine! We use a combination of indoor and outdoor space for our events and do not put anyone in danger.

Can my registration be canceled? All of our team registrations are final.

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