Winners from our Long Island Event- April 22nd  2018

Best Team Name – Donut Mind if I Do                        Best Team Attire – 80’s Bridal Babes

Winner takes all Bouquet Toss – Sparkle Squad

Limo Push – Sparkle Squad 9.25 seconds

Set The Table – Blacking Out : 1min 4 secs

Flip Cup – All Roads Lead to Tomorrow: 7.29 secs

Balloon pop – Frosty Bitches 18 secs

Tug of War – Team Steph Panaroni 3 secs

Bouquet Toss– Sparkle Squad

Mug Shot – The Plastics

Strike a Pose – Team Courtney McCall

#1 Bride Relay  – Knot Ready

Last Maid Standing – The Plastics

Speak Out- Chardonaynays

Wedding Pictionary – Team Touros

Wedding Jeopardy – Sephanie’s Flight Club

Wedding Day – Coral Stars

Photo Butler Selfie Station – The Plastics

Lip Sync Battles – Team Johnson

Orange Theory – Fitness Relay – Team Scherillo : 3min 6 sec

Write your Vows – Mermaid for Each Other

It Works – Crazy Wrap, Apply, Take a Shot Challenge – Woop Woop Team : 12 sec



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