Are you ready for something different? This is not a Bridal Show.. This is Bridal Wars! Show-off your business in a very different way, be personable and have fun right along with the teams!

What is Bridal Wars?

Bridal Wars is a team competition event. We have taken the traditional Bridal Show and turned it up a notch creating an interactive, fun experience!  Brides create teams with their bridal party, friends, family and mom’s!  They come to Bridal Wars to have a FUN wedding experience with their Squads!  This is all about celebrating their wedding in a fun way! You will see them dressed up in Team Attire, with creative Team Names and often times a group of 4 to 10 girls with them!

We have created an event that gives YOU the DJ, Photographer, Transportation Company, Bridal Shop (wedding pros..) an environment for you to show off your business with the attending Brides and their friends! HAVE FUN with them! Show them your personality, incorporate your business into the competition! They want to meet YOU, have fun with you and in the end… they will have a much better idea of what it means to hire you for their weddings!

“The experience we had at Bridal Wars in Phoenix, AZ was out of this world. No words can describe the vibe that was in that building. There were Smiles, Laughter, victory cries & finally sadness when it was all over. I was a vendor at this event; my photography team and I will never forget the hospitality Heather showed us as well as the response we have gotten from the Brides. The organization of this event is off the charts. Everything was together and clean, the tables and locations were set up prior to our arrival and Heather was there every min of the event to answer any questions we had. If you are a vendor or a bride DO NOT pass this event up. ”

“Bridal Wars is a fantastic and fun event with a unique opportunity to interact with the brides-to-be
and their supporting teams. I loved this event as I was able to really connect with the participants and even booked a client at the event!” Katherine at YTK Photography

What a fun experience!  You really get to interact with potential clients in a more personal way.  It is not so stringent as with the “average bridal show” where you are just there to sell.  You are here to have fun with potential clients and genuinely enjoy participating yourself!”  Warehouse 215

Do you want to be one of the limited vendors who get to be a part of Bridal Wars?!  Or would you like us to come to your property or city?  Shoot us an email!

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