The coolest bridal competition ever

What is Bridal Wars?

 We’ve taken the traditional bridal show and turned it up a notch into The Coolest Bridal Competition Ever!  A bridal competition + bachelorette party style games with fun local wedding pros. Add in the bar, food trucks and your cheering squad and you have the best day ever with your bridal party!  Your team will compete against others in our custom challenges for bragging rights, some cool prizes!  So grab your friends, get your outfits ready and meet us on the field!



Covid Update

We are currently planning 3 live events for 2021! Houston, Austin/San Antonio and Dallas Fort Worth Texas – all are in September. While we wish we could hold more events this year, the COVID restrictions and guidelines are different city to city, so it just isn’t possible for us right now. 

Our team is based in New York, and we travel to all of our events. The combination of being a live event company, and one that personally travels to all of our events is posing a lot of challenges for us right now.  As soon as we can plan more events, we will!!

If you’d like Bridal Wars to come to your city ( when live events are open) or you’d like to see our schedule when we are back at it, click here


Do you want to host your own Bridal Wars?

We are looking for people who would like to host a Bridal Wars event! We can’t be in every city, so let’s team up!  Are you an existing event planner, business owner, or someone who thinks this event is as cool as we do? Send us an email and let’s connect!


get your teams ready!