It’s all about the Fun!

we know.. it’s pretty damn cool

War Zone Challenges

Every event starts in the War Zone!  Teams will compete against each other in our 8 War Zone challenges below


Team membes will get into our Bubble Balls to knock down members of the other team. The fastest knockdown of the day wins. Will you be the last maid standing? If you have any guys on your team, they will need to sit this challenge out. 

Race to the Altar is our new obstacle course race! Team vs team, who can get through the course in the quickest time of the day.

This is not your wedding day bouquet toss! We’ve turned this into a team vs team challenge where one team plays offense with their bride tossing the bouquets (while jumping on a trampoline) and team members trying to catch as many as possible in the time allowed. The other team will be playing defense to knock those tosses down! 

Dodgeball with yoga balls. This team vs team challenge will determine who is the fastest team to knock the others out of a game of dodgeball.

Cake eating in a relay race style format (think flip cup, but eating cake instead) Face off against another team to see which team can eat all of their cake in the fastest time.

New for 2020! Fit Bride is a team workout challenge- this one might make you sweat.

 #1 Bride is a relay race team vs team grabbing the BRIDE letters to spell out the word bride as fast as possible.

Team vs team tug of war. Equal number of girls on each side of the rope. Fastest time of the day wins! If you have any guys on your team, they will need to sit this challenge out.

the after party

In this area teams will grab some drinks, food, compete in more challenges like Wedding Jeopardy, Bachelorette Pictionary, Lip Sync, Drinking Games, get your Mug Shot taken and more!! Meet some local wedding pros and have some fun!