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2023 Challenges

At Bridal Wars, teams compete in different games we call challenges. Below are just a few of the challenges you’ll see at our 2023 events, with some descriptions and fun photos! 

Bridal Party Cheer!  Teams will create and perform their own cheer.

Balloon Pop– This team relay race will have you popping balloons against your team members ( fastest time wins!)

Wedding Night Lingerie– Using toilet paper, teams will custom create the lingerie for the Bride!

Wrap while Rapping- One team member will wrap a gift while rapping a song ( any song you’d like)

Bouquet Toss– The Bride will toss bouquets to her team members, the highest number of catches wins!

#1 Bride – This is a team relay race picking up BRIDE letters along the way

Bachelorette Pictionary– One team member will draw, while the others have to correctly guess what she is drawing.

Wedding Budget– Teams will add up weddings costs to come up with the correct budget amount 

Ring Toss- Using inflatables, toss the “rings” around your team members body.

Mug Shot– Teams will take their mug shot photo.

Wedding Bounce House– When we can find one locally, we love to have these featured at our events!

Ugly Dress Fashion Show- If you have an ugly dress in your closet, show it off in our ugly dress fashion show ( you’ll change into the dress at the end of the event)

Sculpt your Ex– Get creative while sculpting the Bride’s Ex!

Butt Sketch- One team member will show off their sketching skills

Most Likely To– Fill in the blank in this team photo

Lip Sync- Teams will lip sync a song of your choice.

Show us your party trick!– Everyone has one and we want to see it!

Bling Toss – In this challenge we use an inflatable ring float with cup holders for a game of pong.  Using balls the teams will have to land pong balls into cups as fast as possible

Festival Features- Other fun local features sometimes include Axe throwing

FIT Bride- A local Gym/Fitness studio will run a mini fitness challenge for your team to do

Bra Pong- One lucky team member will strap on a Bra and try and catch as many pong balls in it as possbile in 30 seconds

Last Bride Standing- Dodgeball!- We bring all the brides together to play one giant game of dodgeball! The last bride standing is the winner of this challenge

This isn’t your typical bridal show