It’s all about the Fun!

Bridal Competition +

Bachelorette Party

Add in our Vendor Festival, Food and Drinks!!



2022 Challenges

At Bridal Wars, teams compete in different challenges. Here is the list for our 2022 events ( with some fun photos below)

Lip Sync: Teams will select a song with the DJ and perform a lip sync together

Mug Shot Photo, Bouquet Toss, Ring Toss, Bridal Party Cheer,   #1 BRIDE Relay Race,  Wedding Budget, Pong, Flip Cup, Bachelorette Pictionary, Wedding Hashtag team photo

Balloon Pop: Relay race to pop balloons against your team members backsides ( it’s  as funny as it looks)

Taste the Cake: Eating cupcakes as fast as you can

Wedding Night Lingerie: Create lingerie on the bride-to-be using toilet paper

Wrap while rapping: wrap a gift while rapping a song

Ugly Dress Fashion Show: Bring your ugly dresses with you to compete in our fashion show and more!


This isn’t your typical bridal show